Production Proposals: Yay or Nay? (A Guide)

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Engagement

(Photo: Kris Jenner)

Baseball stadium rental+50-piece orchestra+ Fireworks+Jumbotron message= Outlandish proposal. By outlandish I mean, over the top. Sure, engagements and marriages are huge milestones in life but  I can’t say that makes me want the day a man asks me for my hand in marriage to look like it’s out of a Jennifer Anniston Rom-Com. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity or subtlety.

I’m sure the moment Kim stepped on the field, she knew she would be walking away with a rock on her finger. Note to future suitor: When I’m proposed to, I’d rather not see it coming, down to the knee drop. The more shocked I am, the more impressed I will be (Not to say that Mr. West’s production wasn’t impressive).

It’s not only the surprise-factor that counts but small detail. It trumps all.  Pulling out that ticket stub from a random date or remembering that perfect scene from a book I told you about exhibits thoughtfulness. The fact that you remembered those little things not only show that they’re as memorable to you as they are to me, but that your favorite football team’s win or that new action flick didn’t overpower your attention.

These minute details are especially striking as the more personal they get. I want a “custom” proposal, if you will. Yes, the Eiffel Tower is beautiful and romantic but what will make it different from the hundreds of other proposals there in progress at the same moment as yours? Bring up our relationship mementos that no one else can claim and all the more reason for me to say, ‘Yes.”

I hope I don’t sound salty about Kanye being doomed off the market for good (they hope) or too demanding.  It’s just that as a woman, and I’m sure this is encoded in every female’s DNA, you picture a fairytale when it comes to this stuff. My fairytale consists of simple but meaningful; it’s just what I appreciate.


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