More to Millennial Music Part II

Pop is slowly being intruded by those with a deeper set list. I’ve got my fingers crossed that both the charts and your hearts become consumed by these three artists I’m going to introduce you to. Trust me, by the end of this post you will agree that they put the aforementioned stars to shame.



Birdy has already been nominated for a Grammy award and isn’t even legal! I’d credit this to her mad piano skills (she’s been playing since age seven) and angelic pipes. She hails from across the pond where as a 12 year old she won Open Mic UK, beating out a whopping 10,000 competitors. Two years later she released her self-titled debut, a collection of innovative and touching covers even your parents would like. She’s possibly best known for her ethereal rendition of Bon Iver’s, Skinny Love. Today the album has sold more than seven million copies worldwide. Her music has been featured on numerous TV shows and movies such as Vampire Diaries and The Hunger Games, respectively. This year she’s released three original songs from her new album, Fire Within, slated for a fall release. Check out her first single from the album and the beauty she’s bringing to the scene below:

No, you’re not being escorted to the gates of heaven, that’s really her voice.

The Neighbourhood



I praise this quintet for darkening pop in all the right ways. They’ve got pop melodies you’ll be addicted to in seconds, but good luck finding the bubblegum. Meld hip hop drums into gloomy, ghostly guitars, layer it under R&B flavored vocals and you’ve got, The Neighbourhood. No blend of genres has ever molded together this perfectly in years. They call their sound “black and white” or appropriately, Dark Pop. Black and white has been their signature since day one. Their photos, clothes, music videos all take the I Love Lucy stance; not a drop of color in sight. It’s all a part of their artistry; their vision. I love this equalized effort in making the music and creating the visuals. Most pop artists won’t even write their own songs yet alone produce an artistic concept all on their own. The Neighbourhood does both.  What’s even more striking than their tunes and image is the fact that they’re all under age 24. 2011 marks the birth of this band and their youngest member wasn’t even out of high school yet! Since graduation, the band has quickly catapulted into the attention of many. The band has released three efforts; 2 EPs and their full-length debut, I Love You. All are worth a spin, though I’m warning you now they’ll probably be the only thing you listen to for a long time.



Oh my, Lorde. This 16 year-old is certainly giving today’s artists a run for their money. You may have heard about her recent victory over Miley on the iTunes chart with her song, “Royals“. She’s admirable because of her talent in songwriting, again, something lacking in pop today. Royals bluntly addresses our obsession with the glamour and the not-so-glamorous side of the rich and famous, though it’s a life most of us will never see. The unique topic and beat found in the single reflect everything Lorde has to offer. She’s bringing variety to a game of copycat and that scores points with me.


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