More To Millennial Music Part I

Being age-mates with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus embarrasses me, to be frank. Their presence in the entertainment industry keeps them in the public eye. Inevitably, they’re our representatives; the poster children of our generation. Those two along with a slew of other pop stars inflict the notion that anyone can find their way to fame (regardless of talent). It’s not only the dumb quotes I read in their interviews. Not just the harem pants Bieber won’t put down or the booty shorts Miley barely fills. It’s ultimately the vapid music they release for an exchange of millions of dollars. Check out your local music scene and you’ll find plenty of 20 year-olds who not only write every ounce of their music (both lyrics and beats) but can carry an intellectual conversation, fully clothed.Yeah, talk about multi-talented.¬†These¬†undiscovered gems should be taking up the limelight. In my next post, I will introduce you to three up-and-coming artists who come from the more, gifted side of Gen Y.


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