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I want to share with you all the conclusions I draw from some “news” stories. Before I even (if I ever do) read the articles, my mind likes to define what it’s about. The amount of ridiculous titles or lack of substance/reasoning behind stories I come across daily is overwhelming. It don’t know whats worse: … Continue reading


The lack of acceptance. That’s what kills us. Accepting that some people will never love us. Or accepting that they do. Accepting the changes that come our way. The inevitable changes. Accepting that some things will always stay the same. It’s the hardest thing to do.   Continue reading

We’re Old.

The other day while I was procrastinating, I mean taking a study break, I landed upon Hilary Duff’s (a.k.a. Lizzie McGuire) Instagram page. As if leaving behind teenage-hood this year wasn’t enough, her filter-enhanced photos reminded me that my youth has almost completely slipped away. Though Lizzie, I’m sorry Hilary (It’s hard letting the those … Continue reading